Terms and Conditions


Local Online Marketplace is a trading name of Gears Oil Ltd (08902506)

We act as an intermediary between those who want to sell products and those who want to buy them.

We do not at any point own any of the products that are sold on our website

We provide a delivery service to get the products from the vendors to the customers.

The vendors pay us commission for selling their products. The customers pay for delivery

The vendors who list products on our website will also use our delivery service. Our service only works as a whole package.

We may add to, or change our terms if we feel that we need to. We will notify you if this is the case.

We are based in the United Kingdom and will be judged according to the laws of England and Wales.

By using the our website (localonlinemarketplace.com) you also agree to these terms and conditions. Please read them.


When you use our website, we may store data about you

Cookies may be placed on your browser by our website operating system, we encourage you to delete them when you leave.

We will use your data to understand how the site works and to process orders

We will not share this data with anyone that doesn’t need it to process your order

We will delete this data at the earliest possible opportunity.


Force Majeure

When something affects us that is beyond our reasonable control we will do our best to still provide you with our service.

However, should we not succeed, you will not hold us or any of the people connected with us, including vendors, responsible for any losses.

Examples of these circumstances can include, natural disasters and acts of political violence.

Standards of Conduct

The quality of our service and our reputation are important to all concerned. We may suspend, expel or take other actions against any user, consumer or vendor or other party for any reason. This will most likely occur where that person or entity acts abusively or in bad faith. If this happens, any data connected with the account will also be deleted. We will not be held responsible for any losses that are incurred as a result of suspension or expulsion.

Customers/Consumers (Whichever you prefer, by law we have to think of you as consumers)

When you click a button such as Pay Now, Confirm Payment or Buy; you are commiting to purchase the product from the person or people selling it. This forms a contract.

No orders will be processed until the payment has been received by the seller


If you use our site to buy products, we will endeavor deliver all of your items at once. Hopefully saving you time and money. Most of our deliveries happen in the evening between 1800 and 2200.

Our site allows you to set a delivery date, we will do our best to honour this and will notify you if we cannot deliver that day.

Our driver will knock on your door, ring the bell and your phone if you have left a number.

If we still can’t get hold of you, we may take your order to a local independent retailer, this could be a butcher, a pub, or a corner shop that is part of our network. They will keep it safe and you will be able to collect it from them the next day. They may charge you for this.

If you want us to do deliver straight to a local store, we can do that too.

There may be occasions in which we have no choice but to take it back to our depot. We will contact you if this happens.

We cannot guarantee that items such as freshly baked bread will still be as fresh and wholesome after a failed delivery.


If you have a problem with our service or a product, please contact us at the earliest possible opportunity, we will do our best to resolve it.

You can find our contact details at www.localonlinemarketplace.com/contact-us, alternatively, email help@localonlinemarketplace.com

We are required to display a link to the Online Dispute resolution service provided by the European Union.

This is it: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.