Sell with us

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At Local Online Marketplace, we want to make selling your products as easy as possible. It’s one of the reasons that we started the site.

Why us?

Minimal risk – There are no subscriptions and nothing to pay up front. We charge a £5 delivery fee to customers when they collect. Whilst it is possible that this is seen as a barrier for a customer to purchasing, the overall cost for them is lower than a commission model.  This is because you will not need to take commission into account when setting prices.

Furthermore, since £5 has been paid, there is more of an incentive to complete a larger shop in order to gain better economies of scale.

Flexible – From the experience of the Food Assembly, it is clear that local food distribution models need continuous innovation and lots of trialing for them to succeed. We have therefore opted to base our platform on WordPress. This allows us to quickly adapt and improve the service that we offer until it does everything that you need it to. At that time we will hire a developer to pour concrete and create a permanent site.

You set the price – Costs change all the time, so it makes sense that you are able to decide how much to sell your efforts for. You can also set sales or add coupons enabling you to reward loyal customers.

You also can log into your account at any time to change prices or to add new products.

Smart Logistics– When you bring your produce to a hub, we will combine it into one grouped order for a particular customer. This not only saves time but also allows us to serve multiple satellite hubs at the same time. The net result of this is that more of your products are distributed simultaneously. You will still spend the same amount of time as you would have done with other platforms such as the food assembly, but you will achieve much more from it.

Fast Payment – We understand how critical cash flow is. You will receive your payment through stripe as soon as orders are complete.

Do more with your products

Many items have more than one use, frame your product differently in multiple categories to reach different markets, at no extra cost!

To apply to become a vendor, please click here