Our Standards

In order to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and the integrity of our service, we require the following minimum standards from the products that we list. These are meant as a guide and do not constitute terms or conditions.

The product can be legally  sold by the vendor

  • The product is owned by the vendor
  • The product is not a controlled substance or item, and can be supplied to any member of the public without an identity check being performed
  • Where the vendor is selling food, they must have registered their food business with the appropriate local authority.
  • The supplier has complied with any requirements as dictated by the local authority or other UK statutory body.

The product is safe to use/consume

  • The product is correctly and accurately labelled
  • The product is fit for consumption (If we identify spoiled food or damaged items, we will reject them)
  • The product is within its Use By date

The product is insured

  • Valid Product and Public liability insurance is to be held by the supplier.